Design setup and kickstart ready to sell websites in html or wordpress of a responsive mobile friendly model

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  • + $20 Convert icytiny designed templates - 20$ per conversion

    1. Icytiny create templates for your webpages. 2. Covert and publish in anyone of the templates in HTML or >HTML to Wordpress...Joomla....Drupal....Dotnet Nuke.....Blogger....and many available options

  • + $25 Publish your website - 25$ for one time publish

    Publish a prebuilt website upto 100 pages + connected links and images Applicable for HTML, ASP, ASPX, JSP, PHP ....web pages In case of errors at the time of publish icytiny will publish freely again. After corrections / additions each time publish 5 $ charges apply

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  • Preserve as a template…..
  • Publish as HTML….Wordpress….Dotnet Nuke….Joomla….Drupal…Blogger formats….
  • Easy to publish…..



Terms and conditions:

  • Icytiny designs a 5 page template.
  • Icytiny designed templates only accepted to convert the templates  as HTML to wordpress, Joomla, Blogger, Dotnet nuke likewise (available options)
  • Additonal page service chages 5 $ per page apply. One can create many pages before conversion if required.
  • Icytiny will create empty pages comes in same background / design. Customer has to fill up the contents and submit to us.
  • Publishing  charges 20 $ for first time.
  • Republishing  after corrections and additions  – pay 5$ per publish.
  • We focus mainly wordpress and further support available in wordpress only.