Set up your Canadian online bulk bookshops and a complete set of 12 Quick shops

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Get more with Add-ons

  • remove extras
  • + $1,260 Add all 12 Quick bookshops for Canadian sellers

    A set of 12 bookshops were created . Create 12 bookshops from Amazon Canada Checking client account links Install in client websites Verify client site functioning.

  • + $1,320 Add 12 quickshops + 20 banners

    Total 1 bulkshop + 12 quickshops + 20 banners

  • + $1,000 Add 2 bulk shops to upload more products

    Total 3 bulkshops

  • + $1,500 Add 3 bulk shops

    Total 4 bulk shops

  • + $2,000 Add 4 bulk shops

    Total 5 bulkshops

  • + $3,260 Add 4 bulkshops + 12 Quickshops

    Total 5 bulkshops + 12 Quickshops

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  • Canadian bookshop….
  • Amazon affiliate shop…
  • A set of 12 bookshops….
  • Add a bulkshop …then no web design required….








Canadian General Books bay



Art Photo Books bay:


Biography History and Memoir Books bay:


Business Investing Books bay:


Children Comics Book bay:



Computer Books bay:


Professional engineering books bay:



French Books bay:-



Literature and travel books bay:



Home health parenting books bay:


Mystery Romance Thriller books bay



Science books bay:



How to set up a Canadian bookshops:

  • Set up a wordpress website or html website.
  • Buy a wordpress themes or
  • Create a 15 page website.
  • Install all bookshops in the website.


Best option:-

  • Set up a bulkshop….No web design / templates required….Eliminate the complicate custom design websites…
  • Bulkshop comes with a wordpress installation with a set of common plugins.
  • We upload 1000 products free.
  • Search engine submission included.
  • Then add all Quickshop as additional pages or links with navigation menu.


Add one bulk shop (Must buy )

  • Add one bulk shop to eliminate web designing………..
  • A web designing cost 300 t0 1000$ with just a few pages……..
  • Buy one bulk shop………
  • Bulkshop comes in one Cpanel………
  • One can move their control panel to any hosting provider every other month if required. All your stuff will be transferred in 15 minutes……….
  • with a wordpress installation…..
  • contact forms…….
  • Mail plug in to communicate all members ………….
  • Plugin such as google analytics, seo, currency converter, cache plugins, xml sitemap pluins and hundreds of plugins free of cost……..
    Submit world major search engines, directories and FFA pages………


Details of book shops

  • A book shop from Amazon Canada…
  • A set of 12 bookshops….
  • A very large Canadian bookshops are  bigger than American bookshops designed by us.


Special features:

  • Restore a collapsed quickshop costs…….5$..
  • Paste your store pages with additional banners….10$…
  • Replace with new banners ………………………………….5$



  • Own website required.
  • One can promote their own links in google. One can not promote amazon links.
  • affiliate account required.
  • The store covers only Amazon Canada sellers.
  • A 3$ Linux PHP hosting is enough to run the website.
  • A wordpress hosting required to set up a bulkshop
  • A 10$ wordpress website may be useful to send more mails and display more banners